At Vegan Edge we are not just passionate about animals we are passionate about people and the environment; we believe that compassion should be extended to all.

Help us to Help Them

Our goal in setting up Vegan Edge was to spread the vegan message and to help as many animals as possible. With this goal in mind 10% of sales of our products will be donated to two animal sanctuaries in the UK run by amazing and dedicated people whose only interest is in caring for their animals.

The Retreat Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

With 1,250 plus animal residents at any one time and with over 20,000 animals saved over their 30 years of operation the Retreat is a haven for animals whose residents include: ex-race horses, ex-riding school ponies, injured live export sheep, cows saved from slaughter, ex-petting farm goats, injured birds, ferrets, Christmas turkeys, worn-out battery hens, disabled non-releasable wildlife, fish, small domestics, old or feral and FIV cats, and dogs who have failed behaviour tests in other dog homes.

As you can see the list of animals in their care is so varied and we are pleased to be able to help them cover some of their running costs. At Vegan Edge we have known Billy Thomson the founder of the Retreat for over 25 years and his dedication and love for his animals is an inspiration to us.

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Fiona Oakes and her partner Martin founded Tower Hill Stables in 1993. Fiona needs little introduction but for those of you who don’t know about her she has made a name for herself as an endurance runner and began running as a way of highlighting the plight of animals. She is the fastest woman in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents and the North Pole in both cumulative and elapsed time.

She has competed internationally in more than 50 marathons and set 5 marathon course records around the globe, including The Antarctic Ice Marathon. In 2015 Fiona ran 6 official marathons in 6 days on 6 continents. A documentary has been made about Fiona, watch the trailer here

Tower Hill Stables has over 600 animals, Whether they be retired race horses, ex-fighting dogs, or neglected and abused farm animals, they all are given love, respect, medical care and a forever place to live.